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I am a Dasher.

Dash Berlin is a very humble and amazing DJ. I remember seeing him for the first time at Atlantis in 2011. Now, he’s in the top 10 DJ’s in the world playing as a headliner at major events. However, people always like to say things like “oh well now he’s mainstream” … but guess what, if a DJ starts out small and grows and develops into someone so awesome that he can draw thousands of people together to appreciate his music, then he should be appreciated, not dissed. I don’t care how big Dash Berlin is now. It doesn’t mean that he has lost any credibility or respect from other artists or fans. He is enthusiastic. He loves his fans. AND he continues to improve and make his own little dash-ups, and communicates with his fans. HE is a great DJ and even though my back is slightly fractured, I will see him at the Palladium. And I won’t regret it one bit, because I am a Dasher. 

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